Debt Collector Harassment

You may owe money to debt collectors, but you do not owe them your dignity. Unfortunately many unscrupulous collectors flaunt the law and use abusive strong arm tactics to collect on debts. Some go even farther by attempting to collect debts from people who do not owe them. If a collector has done any of the following to you, you could recover damages of up to $1000 and possibly more:

  • Called you before 8:00 or after 9:00
  • Called you at work more than once or after you told them not to call you at work
  • Called someone else and told them about your debt
  • Called someone else more than once trying to find you
  • Tried to collect a debt you did not owe
  • Automatically dialed your cell phone after you told them to stop
  • Threatened to sue you but did not actually sue you
  • Threatened to send you to jail or pretended to be a law enforcement official
  • Threatened to garnish your wages without first explaining that they must file suit
  • Tried to collect a debt or sued you more than 5 years after you incurred the debt or last made a payment
  • Shouted, screamed, or used abusive, insulting or profane language
  • Lied or used deception in any form
  • Failed to send a debt validation notice within 5 days after first contacting you

If a collector has committed any of these violations, contact us today for a FREE consultation!