Tenant’s Rights

The Salmon Law Firm is possibly the only private law firm in Oklahoma (besides Legal Aid) to regularly represent tenants against abusive and negligent landlords who lie, cheat, or fail to maintain their rental property in a safe and habitable condition.  We handle the following type of situations:

  • Personal Injury resulting from landlord negligence and dangerous tenant conditions
  • Dangerous Mold
  • Uninhabitable Conditions
  • Rent to Own and Contract for Deed scams & abuse
  • Security deposit theft
  • Wrongful Eviction

You could be entitled to a various forms of relief, including rent refunds, compensatory damages, the right to break your lease, and even punitive damages in serious cases.  We take many of these cases on a contingent fee basis at no upfront cost to you.

If you have experienced any of these abuses at the hands of Oklahoma landlords, contact us today!