DUI Defense

At Andrew & Salmon, we take DUI and DWI defense very seriously.

Not only do you face criminal charges, but the State of Oklahoma will suspend your license through the Department of Public Safety.  This is a separate civil penalty from your criminal charges, and if you do not respond, your license will be suspended 30 days after your DUI arrest. This suspension can last for YEARS.

You must respond very quickly following your arrest.  You have FIFTEEN DAYS to request an administrative hearing or you lose that right. You need an experienced Tulsa DUI attorney to request this hearing and to advocate for you so you keep your license until there is a criminal conviction.

We can handle both the criminal and civil charges so that you are able to keep your license, perhaps with modifications such as interlock devices. If you were wrongfully arrested, we will advocate for you in court, the civil hearing, and at trial. We will aggressively represent and fight for you so you can keep your license and your Constitutional rights are respected.

Call us today! Time is of the essence!