There are many minor crimes that good people are charged with every day. People make mistakes. When mistakes are made, you need an experienced Tulsa criminal defense attorney in your corner.

At Andrew & Salmon, we will ensure that your Constitutional rights are respected and we will fight wrongful or excessive charges.  Even if the evidence cannot be suppressed and the prosecution has a very strong case, we can still help.  We have experience with all types of misdemeanors and will fight to keep you out of jail and restore your record after you serve your probation.

We know which charges can carry felonies later and will fully explain to you what is at stake if you are charged with one of these predicate crimes. We will walk you through the entire process before you have your day in court.

Andrew & Salmon offers fixed fees for certain services such as plea agreements, and reasonable hourly rates for everything including trial.

Call us today and let us work for you!