Child Support

In Oklahoma, child support is the statutory right of the party bearing the larger burden taking care of the children.  If a court orders a party to pay child support, he or she must continue to pay unless the court order is amended due to a “material change in circumstances,” such as a job change by either party, disability, child custody change, or the child turns 18.

Enforcing Child Support

If your child’s other parent owes you child support, we can force payment several ways.  We can have driver’s or professional licenses suspended, obtain an income assignment directly from their employer, seize their property and assets, and ultimately have the other parent incarcerated for contempt of the judge’s order.  For example, if he or she took a vacation or made a purchase instead of paying child support, that violate the judge’s order and result in jail time.  In certain circumstances, the Salmon Law Firm will take unpaid child support cases on a contingent fee basis at no up-front cost to you.

Increasing or Decreasing Child Support

If you owe child support and life circumstances justify a reduction, or your child’s parent now has a larger income, you can ask the court for a modification.  It is very important that you do so in a timely manner, because the court will only make the modification effective from the date of filing.  If you have fallen behind or have not pursued an increase, the modification will not apply to the past, so you need to act now.

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