Property Damage

We’ve heard this story many times.  You are involved in a car wreck and its not your fault.  You’re not injured but your vehicle needs repairs or is totaled.  You contact the at-fault party’s insurance company, and the adjuster gives you a low-ball offer to fix your car with inferior parts, or if your car is totaled, an offer that is lower than the Kelley Blue Book value and lower than comparably priced cars in your area.  You could collect your own collision coverage, but the deductible would make your net recovery even lower.  What do you do?

We can help.  In Oklahoma, the law requires the losing party to pay the winning party’s attorney fees in car wreck property damage cases.  That means insurance companies have a strong incentive to pay an early and fair settlement once an attorney is involved.  Because our attorney fee is paid by the insurance company, you will recover the entire full and fair settlement for your wrecked vehicle if we prevail.  No case is too small, so call today!

You are entitled to the following damages for a wrecked vehicle that can be repaired:

  • Cost of repairs
  • Diminished value of the repaired vehicle
  • Rental car cost for time while your vehicle was in the shop
  • Lost wages if you miss work to deal with the wreck or wrecked vehicle

If your vehicle cannot be repaired and is totaled, you are entitled to the following damages:

  • Cost to purchase a similar vehicle as the vehicle lost
  • Rental car cost until you replace the vehicle
  • Lost wages if you miss work to deal with the wreck or wrecked vehicle

If insurance companies can save 10-25% on every car wreck settlement, they can easily afford the occasional lawsuit and still make hundreds of millions of dollars in savings.  Don’t be a statistic on their bottom line.